We give advice on the formation of companies and consolidated accounts

With increasingly complicated legislations, it is becoming increasingly prevalent to plan your finances. Anylator helps you plan your finances based on your current situation. Our close relationship with lawyers also enables us to assist with advanced legal advice.

We offer a whole smorgasbord of services, such as declaration planning, generational shifts, company acquisitions, company sales, business transfers and voluntary liquidation.

In addition to this we also possess competency in consolidated accounting, company formation as well as financial accounting prior to any change of ownership.

We at Anylator have extensive experience in these areas and are often consulted ahead of any future major investments. Be it the restructuring of financial management or in calculations and key figure calculations.

Time to expand? We help you with the economic reality!

We at Anylator offer knowledge in financial matters, so that you can plan the future accordingly. Additionally, we value risks and provide a stronger basis for decision-making. Our experience and expertise in forecasting and evaluating opportunities for businesses stretches both far and wide. Our services are numerous and include business reviews, financial planning, key figure analysis, risk management and follow-ups of the business.

Time to wind down or dismiss? We offer advanced counseling in the area!

Anylator helps with the company’s valuation in the eventual future selling of the business itself, or the entire company. With several years of experience of advanced counseling, company valuation, ABC and other important calculations, we help you make the optimal decisions.

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