We help our customers with limited companies get correct annual closings

All who run a limited company must prepare their final accounts along with a balance sheet and income statement once a year. An annual final statement of a limited company is regulated by formalities and is governed by laws and regulations that must be followed. It is very common to hire an accounting firm to ensure proper final accounts. Letting an authorized accounting firm handle the annual report also means that you can free up time and resources.er.

We at Anylator have experience from several hundred annual closings and help you receive an accurate annual closing. We are well acquainted with the rules and formalities that occur during the annual closings, from the small limited company’s fairly simple annual closings to complex consolidated closings.

We have access to all large Swedish accounting systems. It gives us a short and swift processes in order to be able to retrieve the information we need, directly from your system. With information such as accounting records, inventories, facilities and equipment, we help our customers to handle accruals and make correct write offs.

When it has to be right

An annual closing for a limited company cannot contain any errors, to make sure that everything is in order we help our customers make an account reconciliation. At times we discover errors in the accounting and can then help adjust the error in time.

Of course, we know which laws govern the annual closings, and how to calculate the company’s taxation. We guarantee that the annual closings we make meet all formal requirements in the Annual Closings Act and are established in accordance with honest accounting practice.

Another legal requirement is to submit a management report together with the annual closings. Here you will receive a summary of the limited company’s operations, position and results. It also mentions important things that have occurred during the fiscal year, together with expectations for the future, risks and uncertainties, information on the workplace environment and personnel issues.