We help limited companies with their accounting so you can focus on your own business

We offer accounting services such as current accounting, VAT accounting and payments. Additionally we handle final accounts, annual accounts and annual reports.

We at Anylator help our customers focus on their core business by relieving the finance department, and among other things, handle their accounting. We have extensive experience of the economic reality from limited companies in a large number of industries. In addition to larger companies we of course also help individual companies with their accounting.

We are authorized, for your safety

Anylator is authorized by, and members of the Srf Consultants. It is a certificate of high competence, a good amount of knowledge, several years of experience and quality-assured work performance. We are also committed to always follow honest accounting practice.

This (obviously) means that the accounting report must comply with all applicable laws, in addition it must follow all conventional practices. Honest accounting practice is one of the three main principles of the annual report. The other two are the just depiction and the principle of clarity. All our accounting services always follow honest accounting practice.

For our customers, this in turn means access to a general advisor who acts as the company’s sounding board in matters related to finance, administration and entrepreneurship.

We help out with assignments, be they long, small, fast or anything in between

We at Anylator, have known for a long time that the customers need of accounting services are both individual and varied. Unplanned sick leave, a sudden sales success or the acquisition of new companies are examples of situations that require rapid change in the finance department. We stand ready to help on short notice.

Let us relieve you by taking care of your current accounting and summarize your final accounts! We have extensive experience from a large number of industries, we can take care of accounting for both smaller and larger companies.

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